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How Sam Mburu’s arrest exposes DP Ruto’s weak underbelly –



Businessman and Jubilee activist Sam Mburu


When the Directorate of Criminal Investigations executed a lighting raid and arrested several individuals a day before New Year’s eve among them Nakuru Businessman Sam Mburu,

Mburu, the estranged husband of Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, was arrested by a contingent of heavily armed police after being linked to a Sh64 million fraud at the Port of Mombasa. The detectives also reportedly seized 6 high-end vehicles belonging to the businessman.

Although he was arrested alongside other suspects, the capture of Samuel Mburu who was well known for his flashy lifestyle presents one of the biggest arrests for Kenyan law enforcement given Mburu primarily runs a large chunk of Deputy President William Ruto business and political operations.

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Mburu was accused of colluding with some KRA and KEBS officials to commit financial crimes, evade taxes and undervalue imports to Kenya.

Known for an eye for quick money, Mburu was among the several well connected businessmen who last year imported hundreds of thousands of duty-free sugar, some of which was found to be contaminated and unfit for human consumption.

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However, what is slowly emerging is that Mburu’s arrest has far reaching ramifications for DP Ruto and his extensive business interests in large scale commodity trading. During his arrest, a fleet of luxury vehicles were seized and sources told Kenyan News Day some of Mburu’s targeted criminal assets, included heavy freight trucks, prime plots, farms, and other real estate

For a primary school dropout, Kiongozi Mburu, as he is popularly known by youth in Nakuru, has certainly build a reputation for himself.

In less than ten years, Mburu had positioned himself as a key political player in Nakuru County and the wider Rift Valley region becoming on of DP Ruto’s most trusted aides.

Whichever way one looks at it, his arrest is a huge blow to the Deputy President.

First, Mburu’s arrest and the freezing of his bank accounts seriously impedes the ability of Ruto’s team to continue with their weekly political rallies and 2022 campaigns. Ruto will have to source for cash from elsewhere.

Secondly, the probing of Mburu’s financial affairs is certain to open a can of worms including unsavoury details which may incriminate DP Ruto and his close associates in embarrassing financial crimes such as money laundering and tax evasion. A source at DCI intimated Mburu’s trial would end some political careers.

Mburu was known to generously distribute several million shillings each month through numerous mobile money platforms to a wide machinery of Pro-Ruto campaigners. With that lucrative pipeline now cut-off, many prominent leaders and lowly bloggers are finding life without Mburu stressful.

As Mburu’s arrest sunk in, Ruto was observed as having scaled down political activity and observers believe the Deputy President will have to work very hard to find an equally trustworthy aide with wide networks and capacity similar to what Mburu offered.

It remains to be seen how the beleaguered Deputy President will will manage the latest crisis.

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