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How to avoid hangovers and still have an awesome weekend



The weekend is finally upon us and I trust that you’re looking forward to some much needed R&R. I have no idea what is on your itinerary; whether you are looking forward to a quiet time in with the family or if you and your classmates have planned a turn-up.

What I do know is that a lot of you like me will be seeking solace in the hedonistic embrace of debauchery.

If you like me want to get lit, I have a list of how you can go about it and not have to pay the bill due the next day in the form of a hangover.

You know, when you get lit and end up waking up with King Kong making love to Godzilla in your head all the while feeling like your tongue doesn’t want to stay in the mouth that houses it because your mouth smells like something crawled in, curled up and died?

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A rather verbose way of me saying I have a way for you to NOT get a hangover. Check them out below:

#1. have a drink the morning after

Apparently when you hear Mwas from class say, “Anatoa lock” and you laugh at how paradoxical that is, you are the clown here. Science actually backs this solution up.

#2. drink alot of water

Hydrate. This one is largely common sense.

#3. get enough sleep

Sleep like you are taunting death. Snore like you are competing with your farts to cause a ruckus. Sleep for long and sleep deeply to allow your body to return to its base levels of normalcy.

#4. eat before you start drinking

Another that should be common sense. You do not want to be known to your friends as Marto wa kumwaura. Line your stomach to give the alcohol something to land on. Alcohol gets digested rather quickly but having food in the tummy slows down its digestion.

#5. drink responsibly

I cannot overstate this piece of wisdom. Drink like someone who actually has a life worth looking forward to. Drink and enjoy yourself with your friends but do so knowing you will drink again and have more fun on Saturday.

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