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How to use patterned fabric to make your home come alive



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Imagine a world with no fabric. Now imagine a world with just one type of fabric in one colour. Now snap back to reality, of a universe with every possible fabric pattern imaginable. Fabric patterns and textures can give any space a breath of fresh air. We show you how to use them in every décor style.


These patterns are derived from geometric shapes and commonly used on bedding sets. They work best in contemporary, modern and industrial style spaces.


Abstract patterns are unique because they are not cyclical over seasons. What you see now will never reappear five years later. They are perfect for modern and contemporary spaces.


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This pattern is common in Chinese and traditional styles. The subjects of Chinoiserie patterns are children, florals, boats, birds and fishermen.


These are the Greek key, Ikat, houndstooth, trellis and Moroccan lattice are all iconic patterns that have shaped many rooms over several design periods. They are all well suited for contemporary and modern rooms.


Botanical patterns vary from brocade, fleur-de-ils, damask and floral. Shabby chic, Victorian and formal spaces all make use of botanical patterns to accent the space.


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These are fabric patterns that revolve around the checked family. They include checked, harlequin, tartan and gingham. These patterns are common in traditional, industrial, transitional and preppy spaces.

Which of these patterns will you be using in your décor?

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