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‘I only have one regret’ Ex news anchor Esther Arunga opens up



Esther Arunga, the trained lawyer

We all have regrets in life and the one regret that former news anchor Esther Arunga has is ever meeting Nimrod Hellon, founder of Finger of God church.

Arunga joined the Finger of God church in 2009, and that is where she met Quincy and they married on March 9, 2010, a month after resigning from KTN.

Things between Arunga and Hellon however turned sour after the latter was accused of running a cult sect (Finger of God Church).

Hellon and Esthere Arunga in a past hoto

Speaking about Hellon, Esther says

I joined Finger of God while I was still at KTN and I felt like I was doing God’s work and that is why I defended him the way I did.

He was the one who ordered me to date and marry Wilson Malaba whom I later found was not as straight as I thought and ditched him.

She says she moved in with Hellon and his wife because she was always doing church work and had planned to leave after a year and it was while there that he took control of her life.

Speaking on why she did not fancy Hellon anymore Esther said that he had brain washed her to sue her parents.

He turned me against my parents, ordered me to sue them and so many things and I did them because I was under his spell and didn’t know what I was doing.

She adds

He was also demanding that he be the one to name my baby! I only have one regret, ever meeting Joseph Hellon .

In conclusion she says

All I can ask Kenyans is to forgive me and my husband, we did not know what we were doing and we are very sorry.

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