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‘I thought they were going to hit me’ woman who verbally attacked Cardi B opens up



The woman who was verbally attacked by Cardi B’s entourage at Sydney Airport on Saturday has broken her silence following the ‘scary’ incident.

‘Jane’, who has withheld her full name, was physically threatened by the rapper’s publicist Patientce Foster. Afterwards, Cardi herself claimed she wished her employee ‘spat’ on her.

The clash occurred after Jane told Cardi it was ‘no wonder [her] husband left’ – referring to her estranged spouse Offset – after witnessing the musician deliberately avoiding her Australian fans by hiding under a blanket.

‘There were so many young kids that just wanted a picture with her and she ignored them and put a blanket over her head,’ Jane told Daily Mail Australia.

Jane, who also did not wish to disclose her age, watched in disbelief as Cardi ‘refused’ to take selfies with her waiting fans, which prompted her to speak out.

Cardi was performing at the Etam show
Cardi was performing at the Etam show

‘I thought, “Damn, I’m going to say something.” I’m not violent or racist it was just unacceptable behaviour,’ she added.

During the airport incident, Cardi’s publicist Patience furiously stormed up to Jane after she made the comment about Offset.

‘B***h, I’ll smack the s**t out of you! Don’t ever come out your mouth about her motherf**kin’ husband. Watch your mouth,’ Patientce screamed.

Footage of the altercation then showed a stunned airport worker attempting to diffuse the situation, with little success.

In a since-deleted Instagram video, Cardi discussed the incident afterwards, saying: ‘That’s my b***h, that’s my home girl. As a matter of fact, I am mad at Patientce.

‘You wanna know why I’m mad at her? Because she should have spit in that f**king lady’s face, that’s why!’

Patientce also took to Instagram to address the incident, writing: ‘Understand me. Won’t no job title ever change me or who I am.

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‘I will always defend myself and the people around me. What may be professional to you don’t mean s**t to me. Period.’

Cardi brushed off the incident, however, when she took to the stage at Perth’s Origin Fields Festival on Sunday night.

She is scheduled to perform at Sydney’s Field Day Festival on Tuesday, before heading to New Zealand for two further shows.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Cardi B’s management for comment.

Daily Mail.