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‘I want to sacrifice my mean parents from HELL to a cult!’ Teen confesses



An angry teen has recounted how his parents are so mean to him to  a point where, if he had a chance he would sacrifice them in exchange for wealth.

Revealing this on the Toboa Telegram channel, the teenager  said, “First let me remain anonymous
I am the second born of 4 staying with my real blood parents.”

Adding, “So these things started way back when I was in high school, my real parents walianza kuficha food kwa bedroom yao (mind you bedroom yao imejaa food like a supetmarket) till it reached a point I dropped in grades due to starvation (I will live to blame them).”

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“Not that they don’t have money, these guys are rich they own properties left right and centre.
My big bro alichoka na home akakua hosted by his friend so tumebaki me and my twin siz since there’s another girl kitinda mimba wao.

I cleared high school then hustled my way to get myself to driving school.

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My siz got pregnant and delivered safely early last year.They promised her atulie home afanye house chores and everything including kuwafulia then in return they will support her kid and give her an allowance of 1500 per month (mind you the parents salaries combined can reach 300+k per month).

So for the love of her child my siz accepted but ever since hajawai lipwa anything and also they don’t provide for her baby girl like wanafungia food yote bedroom.

I know this should not be an issue but I am really tired of them to the point of I WAS ready to sacrifice them to any cult juu kile wametuonyesha they really don’t deserve to be called parents.

So the point is this wanahama this weekend to their own home and wamesema kila mtu abebe vitu zake ajiendee zake.

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Oh, did I forget to mention, I have been doing vibaruas here and there and I was contributing in paying bills.

But I stopped the day I bought food then welcomed my two male friends to our house then tukapika then good or bad luck my used-to-be-dad came home akawapata wakikula then he started insulting them juu ya food adi ikabidi wameiacha yote kwa meza (you can imagine the shame).

They’re the kind of parents akiona unafaulu they are very jealous ati utawafikia but they celebrate upon your downfall.

Worst of all, my used-to-be-dad anasema yeye ni pastor wa AIC so he promises people while preaching on getting them jobs where he is currently working at BASCO PAINTS yet alishindwa kunitafutia ata kibarua ya 5k or even taking me to a simple college.

I have never shared this to anyone since everyone thinks we are cool but deep down I have never wanted to embarrass them. Just that Leo wamenifika mwisho.

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And by the way in our hood no one talks to them since watu wanasema wakona roho mbaya and in return wakienda ushago (every weekend) which they always go wanaenda kupretend vile wao ni watu wa Mungu and ati wakiulizwa watoto wako wapi wanasema ati wako Nairobi university kila mmoja anafanya degree course (what a lie!).

Did I tell you last year they had their wedding (which they forced since my dad alikua ameitishwa marriage certificate ndio ajoin the AIC BIBLE COLLEGE) and none of us was invited and it occurred wakiwa ushago harusi yao and my siz alikua Nairobi akijifungua same time.

Our grandparents even asked them kwani hawana huruma ati wanaona harusi ni more important than visiting my siz,their daughter, at hospital mind you they have money but am the one with my little savings took my siz to mama Lucy kibaki hospital since tunastay Umoja, Innercore.

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I swear, I always feel bad when some children brag of how wazazi wao wamewasaidia yet wangu ni bure..i wish I had the smallest care and love of a parent.ata afadhali i remain an orphan if kuwa na mzazi feels this way. I only thank God kunileta kwa hii dunia.

I swore I will NEVER return to this family once I am out I will even hire parents wanisimamie kwa harusi yangu (which I MUST have).

I have photos and videos of them vile wakipika they only cook for two and it also shows a medium house with no food at all (only salt?) adi wameficha the gas tank kubwa, meko gas ndogo and even stove wamefungia bedroom) I always wonder if they are parents from HELL.

I mean mzazi mgani anaeza fanyia mtoto ameskia pain akimbeba for nine months vile tunafanyiwa.?? Atleast ingekua wazazi wa kambo ningeelewa but real parents aii its a big NO.”

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