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‘I was kicked out of a house I called ours’ Akothee narrates her past



Akothee/ Instagram

Akothee is actually most sincere people we have in the 254. I mean, the mother of five speaks her mind however she sees fit and if you don’t like it, kindly hit the unfollow button.

She has been more than open about her past and the things she has gone through in this life of sin and most times, she addresses how her baby daddies have really frustrated her over the years. But she is now living a life that many people envy.

Well, she has yet again addressed how she was once kicked out of her house by her baby daddy. The thing is, she got quite comfortable having someone pay all the bills. Little did she know that things would get tough.

2006 ,I was kicked out of a house I called ours although it was rented, I was not the one paying rent? , I was a housewife and was in love with taking care of my 3 children and my husband then !I really do not know why I was very comfortable someone else paying for my bills though!?when hell broke loose , I was asked to park and leave , and since then, I am never comfortable living in a man’s house , unless I am holding the tittle deeds either in both our names or my name period,

Akothee, however has conditions now when it comes to dating and she will settle for less and must have her own wealth and never depend on anyone.

Before if am dating you, I must have my own kahouse however small, call me a gold digger, you will not short wife me , I swear I wont dig charcoal I beg, once beaten twice shy. problem with us women , we get carried away with show off , and forget to calculate, his car , becomes your car day 1 of sex, his house and pets becomes ours in 1 week, even the guy must be looking at you like heeeeeey biiiiiiiitch !you too fast ???? NEVER , me and title deeds is like me and my birth certificate ????

“Ask my lawyer , then you will know the meaning of SIBUOR MADHAKO ?? okdasungra gi gima onge nyinga an anyap owada?, women are always the ones to start from the scratch yawa?? kwani we cant learn from the neighbours , sisters or aunties, Akothee alisha haribu wachana naye , angalia sisyer yako, ama jirani, vile ametendwa,??”

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