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‘I’d rather be like Jaden Smith than you,’ Almasi claps back at hater



Actor-cum-model Ian Munene popularly known as Almasi has clapped back at critics.

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Almasi, who’s currently in the United Kingdom, shared a series of video topless on a bed and said he has been contemplating life of late.

Sitting and contemplating x

With the fast pace life that we are in right now, it’s very hard to find time to just sit and contemplate life, where we are and where we should go. These past few days I’ve been dedicating selfishly around 30 minutes to listen to a spiritual class by the spiritual legend himself @srilaprabhupada and then assess myself and create affirmations before starting my day.

If you always have a stressful day, and feel unfulfilled every time, then give this a shot… it works for me, I know it will work for you too ?,’ he shared.

The young lad has always been an easy target for trolls and this time round, he didn’t entertain their negativity.

Almasi Machachari

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One of his followers identified as Mwenda said that he was trying hard to be Jaden Smith. He wrote;

Boy tryna be Jaden Smith so bad smh ?

Almasi savagely responded

don’t need to be Jaden bro I’m fine being me thank you ? but that’s a really dope compliment haha I’d rather be like Jaden than be like you ??.


Another follower made mean comments about him and he responded as well.



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Below is the video

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