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‘I’m comfortable dating a banana stem,’ city man tells Mbusii and Lion



Radio Jambo presenters Lion and Mbusi

A Kenyan man has left may in shock after admitting that he sleeps with a banana plant (mgomba) to avoid the risk of getting infected with HIV/Aids.

For anonymity sake, let’s call him John.

He called into Mbusii and Lion’s show on Radio Jambo and confessed some rather bizzare things.

He said: “I come from a very poor background, so my uncle – from my dad’s side – took the initiative of taking care of us. Buying us clothes and other things before death struck. After my uncle’s death, my mum assured me that he had been bewitched only for me to learn that he died from Aids.”

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Adding, “It is then that I decided not to risk dying of Aids. I decided to be sleeping with a banana plant (mgomba).”

The curious radio duo then asked him how that works. John, obviously obliged them.

“What I do is, I drill a hole and pour hot water into it [Banana stem] before proceeding to fulfill my sexual urges. I cannot marry because I get my urges satisfied so why would I want a woman? 

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So, will he ever dump the banana stem and get a girlfriend?

John retorted, “I have a girlfriend and that is the mgomba. My parents have been pushing me to marry given that I am an only child and I am not interested despite the fact that I am 27 years old.”

What would you advice John to do?

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