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Is former Machachari actor Almasi dating his white male friend?



The actor with his white friend

Ian Nene or Almasi; the former Machachari actor as most Kenyans know him, shared an interesting photo two days ago that had many of his followers talking.

Ian Nene

The former Machachari actor has been abroad in England and shared a photo of himself and an unidentified white man posing in front of a store.

His caption was even more interesting. It read:

Getcha someone who makes you laugh like this ?

The actor with his white friend

The photo elicited a lot of comments on his page. Some are below:

_.wngugi: Very cute???
jon_atanas: This nigga gone gay or something? ? its sad news
purity8107: Am surprised it’s only dudes who are complaining that he’s gay,even if he is i don’t care ?kaa ukijua nakupenda bado❤️
_its_muri_: Watu wana ufala. So what if he’s gay ?
meggy.davis: Ngoja uone hii ikitrend kwa @mpashogram
bestboyfriendeverr: The first one is my fave pic ♥️♥️✨
ian_nene: @bestboyfriendeverr me too. We look so good haha #natural xx
bestboyfriendeverr: @ian_nene you really do ?? @jrpolito ????✨
zonski_von_schweetz: Love this for you .

Ian Nene

The former Machachari actor did not take any disrespect in the comments section with fear and called out the commenters. But the exchange below with one of the commenters called Neema was noteworthy.

She wrote:

Why are all the cute ones gay

Ian responded by promptly saying:

@n_e_ema coz with people like you around my options are very limited ?

As Ian has never come out to declare his sexuality publicly, could the above comment be an indication of where his head is at?

Ian Nene

Ian or Almasi as may know him, has been blazing his own path, especially in his dress sense; one that might not fit many people’s sensibilities, especially as regards strict conformity to gender roles and behaviours.

Only God can judge me; Former Machachari actor Almasi tells off critics of his dressing

Some examples of his style are below:

Ian with a red rose on his ears
Ian Nene

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