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‘I’ve never been a drug addict,’ Tina Kaggia speaks after surgery



Tina Kaggia is out of danger after undergoing surgery.

The mother of three underwent surgery a fortnight ago, she shared a photo off her bandaged arm.

Tina Kaggia

She captioned it;

Two weeks ago.Surgery is quite something… And morphine ???.

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Tina invited her fans and followers to ask her any questions. When asked what happened to her hand, she said its a long story that she wouldn’t like to disclose.

Tina Kaggia

Another fan asked her if she’s a drug addict and she responded saying no and that she’s only workaholic.

Tina Kaggia

Another follower asked; ‘What do you appreciate most about your dad? I’m raising girls. So I wanna learn.’

Where do I start? He has always been my protector and beyond that, he is my friend.

He offers guidance and shoulder 24/7. he loves genuinely and prays for me.

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Another asked; How did having children change you? What did you study?

It made me appreciate life and living. It made me stronger. I studied communication.

Tina and JB Masanduku, the father of her three children parted ways a few months back and when asked if there’s anything she regrets from the relationship, she said;

I don’t discuss past relationships.

Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku has moved on and he recently paid dowry for his wife to be. On the other hand, Tina is living with her children and currently works at Sportpesa after leaving her radio job.

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