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Jambo jambo! Bonfire accused of ‘stealing’ clients from Bountiful and TrippyGo



The founders of Bonfire Adventures Tours and Travels company have been accused of playing dirty games by rival tour operators

Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah Kabu have been called out for unethical business practices.

Their accusers, Bountiful Safaris and TrippyGo in officially signed documents seen by, accused Bonfire Adventures of using their [companies] names to drive traffic to their websites.

The Kabus

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In a letter dated 5 April 2019, Bountiful Safaris and TrippyGo stated that Bonfire was used their names to register internet domains purporting to be them. They said the act was criminal and had sought legal advice on the matter.

They also claimed that Bonfire was ‘stealing’ their clients.

Part of Bountiful Safaris document read;

In the course of March, we had complaints from clients that some of their Internet inquiries and chats were ending up in a different company than Bountiful Safaris. They were in fact. at certain sites bearing our name being redirected to Bonfire Adventures Limited. a leading competitor in tourism business in Kenya.

Another section of the document read;

On 2nd June 2018, two domain names were registered. and They are both registered at IP Address belonging to Softlayer Technologies Inc. and based at Dallas. Texas USA. They are set to expire on 2-4 June 2020.

Whereas the website title owner for is concealed, a search of registration reveals the website title owner to be BONFIRE ADVENTURES, based in Kenya.

Bonfire Adventures are Kenya’s leading tour operator in Kenya, and our biggest competitor in marketing Kenya to Kenyans and the World.

Bountiful Safaris
Bountiful Safaris’s document

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Neither Kabu nor his wife have come out to comment on the issue. reached out to them for comment but our calls went unanswered.

On the other hand, Bountiful management exclusively told on phone,

This is malicious! Kila mtu akule jasho lake.

Here is a letter from TrippyGo on the same matter.


Bountiful boasts of high-end clients among them Betty Kyallo, DJ Mo and his wife Size 8, Njugush with his wife and just to mention but a few.

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