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JUST BRENDA: I’m on Tinder and so is my husband



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I’m married but I like to flirt a lot and that is why I joined Tinder. It’s just harmless flirting with men and I always back out when things get hot and heavy. I think it’s healthy to do this once in a while because as a married woman you sometimes forget yourself. Besides, my husband can be quite boring so these men spice up my life. Anyway, I was scrolling through profiles one day when I found that my so-called boring husband was also there. We have not discussed it and I obviously did not swipe right. What does this mean for us?

If you’re married and on Tinder, maybe you don’t want to be married. The point of Tinder is not to go online to flirt.

It is to go online, find someone you like, and proceed forward in whatever manner you decide on – sometimes a horizontal outlook, and sometimes something a little bit more permanent.

You, as a married woman, can offer neither of those things. And so, you’re wasting the time of the people on there who are actually available and searching, particularly if you lead them on with the impression that you are single.

If you and your husband are both on Tinder, you need to have a conversation about why you both seem to be so bored with each other. Surely you can exchange the lines you’re writing to those Tinder boys with him, and vice versa in his case? What’s the real problem here?

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