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Kenyan Dance hall Music is not appreciated at all



As we still struggle to identify the Kenyan sound, in my opinion I believe Kenyan dance hall music is so underrated, why?  Kenyans are a hard lot to please.

Look at it this way the popularity of this kind of music is on the low.The only known dance hall artist in Kenya is Redsan.

Ask anybody about dancehall music then Redsan’s name will always pop up.

Redsan and Dance hall

But even with that in mind, this kind of music is dwindling with little reviews about it. Is it that Kenyans are just ignoring this music?

A good example is the latest jam Rio by Redsan, is a well done song that has had little air play and attention. The song was  shot and directed by Sesan a reputable music producer in Africa.

Even the views so far speak for themselves two months down and the views of the song are barely at 150k.


Is Redsan overrated?

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Far from that, Kenya has other celebrated dance hall artists that are now not as popular.  The likes of Wyre and Nazizi are not being heard or seen in the music scene.

What could the problem be? Or have they gone back to the drawing board ?We need them back.

I mean if Masauti can incorporate ‘wamlambez” and “Wamyonyez” in his music.

Then maybe just maybe this is the juice to music as at now. We miss the days we could be jamming to this music till dawn in clubs. This was before the geuka nikubeng no

We would like to know if by going under, are they trying to identify a place to fit in or is it just a set back? For one the Necessary Noise duo was one to ape in the past years till they split up to being solo artists.


Even with Redsan working hard to keep the dance hall music at per, Kenyan fans are  to blame for the low performance of this music.

Furthermore  who says there aren’t any other dance hall artists in Kenya?Or are there no mentors of dancehall music.

Recently on Citizen TV’s 10/10 show,Willis Raburu hosted two dance hall artists that had good songs-sadly I also can’t remember their names arrgh!!

I must say they had good music but the fans were just not feeling them.In fact it seemed as though they had just landed from another planet.

However, from the crowd’s reaction to these artists you realize the gap of receivership. Lets hope there will be change before dance hall becomes a totally foreign genre of music in Kenya.

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