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Kenyan YouTube Stars Over 25 Share Ideas on TEDxParklands



4th May 2019, Kenyan YouTube stars and long-term friends turn business partners; Julia Gaitho, Ivy Mugo, Lorna Muchemi and Michelle Wanjiku popularly known as Over 25 graced the TEDxParklands stage making them the first group of four worldwide to appear on TEDx.

TEDxParklands is an independently organised youth event targeting change makers in Kenya between the ages of 13 and 35 cutting across all fields. The event was born out of the need to see more African stories on an African stage and a platform for the youth to share their ideas on specific issues.

“I am true believer in following your bliss and doing the little things that excite you in life. Over 25 started out as a passion project and being chosen to speak on a platform like this has been a true honour. We not only had to overcome impostor syndrome but prepare tirelessly for three months and stay true to TEDx mission statement “Ideas worth spreading.”

For me, this process has been like climbing a mountain where it’s all up hill knowing the view at the top will be breathtaking. Working in a group is not always easy but our output as a team is always great,” said Julia Gaitho in a statement.

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