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Leaked! City man dumped savagely by his side chic (Screenshots)



A city man has been exposed badly after one of his ‘friends with benefits’ dumped him.

The woman in question was angry at the man for standing her up for a booty call.

Who does that?

Well, the man got to know of this when he started sexting her at 9 pm and he was meet with Ice cold responses.

The woman asks him, “Why are you pretending ati hujui… Anyway the only thing that made me tolerate you is long gone.”

Adding, “You stood me up in the worst way possible, the very last minute, kaa umeshindwa na kazi yako kindly stop wasting my time.”

The contrite city man then tries to explain, but he is cut off with a curt response.

“Really, so you want to explain something that happened almost a week ago, yaani ulikua unataka nikubembeleze k*ma pliiz get a life.”

The man tried to sweet talk her and made the mistake of calling her his ‘girlfriend’.

The chica shoots back, saying,

“Point of correction, I’m not ur gf in fact i was never ur gf, F*CK MATEs, is what we were.”

She continued, “Ooh let me do a summary for you incase umesahau, you always come to my place empty handed, I cook for you your favourite, nakubuyia ur favourite whiskey, unalala kwangu morning nakutoastia bread na eggs + sausages unaenda waks later unanisendia text nikutumie 1 k and I do exactly that, so who’s the whore between me and you if at all you know the meaning of that word. N btw i was never stupid cz I spent on you, kwani kazi ya sponsor ni nini? So have some manners boy na utii, umenona that much thanks to me, fool.”

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The chic has clearly moved on, but the man now tries to drop the L word saying, “WTF thought we solved this storo, I’m already in love with you, I even asked you if utanizalia,  you took me for granted.”

He then invited himself to the damsel’s home.

Bad move.

Alibaki akijiongelesha and the woman blue-ticked him and did not pick his calls when he finally got to her gate.

His last message to her was a whispered plee.

“I’m calling you hupick, niko apa kwa gate come unifungulie, plz.”

Here are some reactions to screenshots…

Kuche Ng’etich: Hehehehe this woman is made of steel

Ramadhan Kiplagat: When she wipes her last tears and she lets go all the feelings she had for you & her heart freezes.

Sylivia Chepchirchir: Damn it…that one is a real gal…get it rough.

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Here are the screenshots that have gone viral…

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