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‘Leave your man if he is beating you’ Huddah Monroe advices women



Trust Huddah to always have an opinion on right about any matter.

Well, she has come out to advise women to let their men be when it comes to sampling other women out there after all he’ll come back home to you?

Love or hate her she has a way of telling the hard truth without mincing her words, unlike many women who hide their head in the sand Huddah prefers to hit the nail on the head.

Taking to her Instagram she wrote;

“I tell my man he can f*ck whoever he wants but make sure you use protection and don’t fall in love. give me all your money, all your babies, and your emotions, we good.”


Cheating according to Huddah, should not be a reason why you should leave your man. You can only leave him if he physically abuses you or if he has no brain to generate income for the family.

“Don’t leave your man for cheating. leave your man if he is beating you (domestic violence) also leave him if he has no brains to make money. you do not want a dummy in your life.”

She also advice’s women to keep themselves busy such that they wont have time to think of their cheating husbands because according to Huddah men are visual friends.

“No matter how good your P#ssy is! Let them play as long as he doesn’t get babies outside, or a disease, and if he is cheating and he is broke leave him. He should cheat and put his brain to work .

Men are visual creatures! They must have s#xual desires that you can’t satisfy no matter how good your P#ssy is!”

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