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Lillian Muli’s Kisii in-laws speak out after her weekend visit to the county



Someone from Keroka massive should give TV queen Lillian Muli a Kisii name, ASAP.

The reason for this request is because Lillian seems to have a taste for all things Kisii.

Recently, she posted a photo of her son, Liam with the daddy – Jared ‘Nevaton’ Ombongi. And captioned it, “Just boys hanging out ♥ Liam and his daddy”.

The post saw people bring back her drama with Jared where she called him a community husband, with some wondering if they are together or not.

Later, Lillian defended her post in an interview seen by saying:

“Who said we were ever apart?”

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Over the weekend Lillian was in Kisii County where she had a blast and introduced her taste buds to a delicacy that is enjoyed by the creme de la creme of the county.

She said, “Wakisiii mko wapi? Obosontonto aka ochuri this stuff is bitter but nice…Tin cups still exist ???”

Lillian MuliHer post triggered interesting reviews from her in-laws from Kisii county. This one post endeared the screen siren to them.

They have accepted her with open arms with one in-law saying:

“Yes, our wife” with another adding, “Yenyewe you are a Kisii by association”.

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Here are the other comments by die hard Kisii’s who are now #TeamLillianMuli

mervekenya: @lilmuli ukipata wa kukutengenezea vizuri you will like it kwanza kutoa hungdown,give me a date I make for you on a Saturday morning after out,na umetype iyo jina vizuri aje, enyewe you are a Kisii by association.

nafuuobz: Yes our wife.

patrickatuya: Lilian you mean u are the one who wrote that word in such correct spelling…make I tell u.. I won’t believe it ooo…anyway that stuff Is amazing I tell u.

nelin_nana: @lilmuli ushajua obosontonto you now qualify to be our inlaw???.

evelynenyake5455: Getting served with obosontonto shows how special you are. Karibu shemeji.

avyzmaklyn: Aki I miss this,,wah its sweet as in I don’t feel its bitterness nikishika hiyo.

iamlisamataraah: @nduta_icharia it’s washed poop ? ya Mbuzi simply. It’s filtered and filtered there’s but it’s still shit ?alafu they might add kitunguu. Inakulwa na matumbo.

chorfie5: Tuko hapa…. How did you manage the spellings!? ??

don_lamaciv: Hehehe… Naona umerudi nyumbani… Welcome back to the community.

sethomondo: Lilian wewe ni wetu. Tunakupenda sisi kama Shabana

rhodamogere: All the parasites kwa intestines finished. hiyo ni dawa

bitange: You made me ? drool so bad. I miss it.

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