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Marua: I’m not with Bahati because of money. I have dated richer men than him



Is Diana Marua with gospel singer Bahati because of her fame and money? Some Kenyans believe so but Marua has always insisted she’s with the young artist because she loves him.

Marua shared on True Love that she’s not after his money as many Kenyans have been left to believe but rather with him because he won his heart.

“Others say I want him for the money. Even he laughs about that. If it was about money I would be with well-off people I have dated who would have offered me a lot, including cars. With Bahati, I asked God for someone who would love me genuinely and Bahati was the man I knew I wanted to grow and build a legacy with,” Diana told True Love Magazine.


Diana also told the magazine that she met Bahati hours after bursting her boyfriend cheating. That relationship came to an end as soon as she met Bahati  for a music video.

“Bahati and I started off as friends. We met in 2016 when he was looking for a video vixen for his hit song mapenzi. I remember I was awe struck. I even took selfies for my instagram followers. I was seeing someone when we met but on the day of the video shoot, I found him cheating inside his car. The tears you see in the video are real heartbreak tears.” she told the magazine. 


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