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‘May you find happiness’ DJ Kalonje announces the end of his 7 year relationship



If you are a matatu user, then you must have heard of the name Kamonye George Waweru, popularly known as Deejay Kalonje.

His name is often announced while music plays in PSV’s and is now considered one of the best Kenyan DJs. Last year he proposed to his long-term girlfriend Sonnie Kangai in Dubai. We have been waiting with anticipation for the wedding, but sadly this won’t happen.

Deejay Kalonje has announced the end of his 7-year relationship to his bae saying all she had priority for was herself.

He took to social media to pen an emotional message, making it clear to the world that he is no longer in a relationship with his now ex-fiancée.

I just had one important priority in our relationship-you. the problem was that we both had the same priority. all I can say is the seven years was worth it. wish you good luck in all your endevours. may you find happiness

DJ Kalonje and his ex still seem to be in good terms because he wishes her nothing but the best in her life after the two and he has no regrets whatsoever having been with her for those years.

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They have two kids together.