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‘My love for Bahati is genuine not monetary,’ Diana confesses



The couple

Diana Marua must be the most talked about woman this month in Kenya. She had an interview with True Love magazine, where she talked about her childhood, abusive father, marriage and being a mother.

Diana, who got married to Bahati in 2016, has been criticized for settling down with a man younger than she is.

Some even claimed that she was after Bahati’s money.

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But in the candid interview, Marua said that she was not after the singer’s money and in case she was, she would run after much wealthier love interests.

Others say I want him for the money. Even he [Bahati] laughs about that. If it was about money I would be with well-off people I have dated who would have offered me a lot, including cars.

In the past, Diana has been linked to an international footballer, two top media personalities and a club owner.

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Diana and Bahati are expecting their second child.

Diana Marua
Diana expecting second child

In her latest post, she talked about how the world is full of pretenders.

Everyone isn’t happy for you…. they’re just surprised you keep making things happen I’m not lucky, I’m Immensely Blessed! This week…. Stay Tuned, it’s going to be bigger and greater! The most important things… Be hungry for success, Secure the bag, Keep Surprising them.


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