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My word: Time to take that bold step?



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Earlier this month, I wrote about change. Change can be refreshing and as good as rest. But before or even after change happens, we can be restless and reluctant to embrace it.

Sometimes, life pushes us along the path to change.

When we think we are OK with the way things are and are quite content to wallow in the moment, no matter how mucky it is, the flood waters of life come along to sweep us into the deep end.

Unfortunately, if we’re not ready to swim, life can leave us clutching at straws and gasping for air. In this way, change can also be stressful and even devastating.

Sometimes, people just need a little help to cope with change. The best gift that God gave us is each other. Adapting to change can be a little bit easier when you have someone to walk along the same path with you – perhaps someone who has been there before or someone who has led many people along the same road.

Whether you will go through change alone or will have someone to walk with you, fear must not stop you from taking a bold step towards it. Being afraid is normal but it’s also a sign that there is something to look forward to on the other side – something …different.

And unfortunately, sometimes, the only way you’ll know what awaits you on the other side is if you walk around the corner and take a look.

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