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Nandy, 26, reveals reason she kept relationship with Ruge, 49, secret




Nandy is one of the biggest Tanzanian female artistes at the moment. The singer has been a breath of fresh air in the male-dominated Tanzanian entertainment industry.

The artiste looking good

One of those males who dominated the industry was late media mogul Ruge Mutahaba, who worked as the owner and Program controller at Clouds Media Group.

Ruge Mutahaba
Ruge Mutahaba

She spoke about her secret relationship to Ruge telling Millard Ayo, that they kept their relationship under wraps because most people wouldn’t approve.

That is what we wanted, as we knew that if our relationship was out in the open it would have been bad for us. Even then there were some whispers about it.

There are some who would have been okay with it but most would not have supported it (the relationship). Keeping it secret was best for us.


She said that Ruge’s previous relationship was a learning point for him and that they decided to keep their love life private, saying,

We wanted to reach our career and personal goals without much interference from outsiders.


Ruge died due to kidney failure on February 26, 2019, at the age of 49, while receiving treatment in South Africa.

The death hit Nandy harder than most and many were curious as to why that was. She even penned a heartfelt message soon after his death, writing,

Ruge was my closest friend, everything to me. Ruge understood my dream. Ruge gave me the heart to fight even if I grew up wanting to give up. Ruge saw my dreams and did not worry about me achieving it, Everyone has a man who is created by GOD for them…

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