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Nobody begged DP Ruto to disband his URP Party, he doesn’t control Jubilee, he must respect the real owners



By Jerome O

I hear if you borrow sleep, at your neighbor’s, you do not enjoy the privilege to complain that the house is too smelly even if your host is carelessly releasing dangerous gases into the air, from his exhaust pipe

I am not so certain, this applies, in an event that the host misled his guest you to pull down his own house, so that he could seek shelter in his

After Murathe’s loud fart, Tuju has picked up from where the veteran left, with a new announcement that there isn’t any written pact within Jubilee, detailing if anyone was to automatically succeed Kenyatta, as the party’s presidential candidate

Uhuru and his henchmen misled the DP to pull down his own house, URP, so that they can build a new house together and live in happily. Ruto proceeded to do so without considering that Uhuru kept the title deed of the new house

Now he is being harrassed amd mistreated,in their new home, but he can’t complain because as a visitor in the house “sheria na masharti kutumika”

Both Murathe and Tuju are errand boys, pulling the strings for someone and that can’t be anyone lesser than Uhuru. Were it not so, the president wouldn’t have hesitated to reprimand the duo and reiterate his support for his DP

Seems the Jubilee divorce will be messier and noisier than Wetangula had promised his coalition partners in NASA

Just like a sheep who spends it’s entire lifetime scared of the wolf, only to be eaten by the very shepherd she trusted, Ruto imagined his enemy is/was Raila, when clearly it is Uhuru eating him

In other news I hear some few cultists, attending prophet Owuors crusade died, quickly and permanently either in a stampede or after absconding medication in hospital

At least mature has a way of elininating fools

If indeed Owuor was any potent he ought to have reversed the deaths, instead of travelling to Pokot to resucitate mama Rosa, from death, when she wasn’t dead

I said and I repeat, that this Jewish cult only makes sense to those who have refused to reason

Great evening my fellow hoof eaters!!

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