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Obado gives Raila sleepless nights, says no to referendum



ODM leader Raila Odinga has hence been reiterating his push for constitutional changes which has been welcomed differently by different political leaders. Some have supported whilst some have opposed. Deputy president William Ruto on Sunday opposed the calls for referendum, in which he termed those supporting the calls as being day dreaming. However, Migori County Governor Okoth Obado has joined those opposing the call.

He termed the call for a referendum in Kenya a misplaced priority, further urging leaders to focus on job creation for the youth instead.

This contradicts the stand by most of his senior Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party members who have frequently championed for the referendum in public.

Governor Obado said Kenyans do not need a referendum at this point, adding that leaders who are fronting for the change in the constitution should prioritize things that can be of immediate benefit to the country.

“Let all our leaders think about providing employment for our people instead of rushing to things like referendum… that is a waste of time,” said the Migori county chief.

“If somebody is interested in bringing a referendum, let us first of all be shown how many new enterprises and factories they want to give our farmers. If we can start with that then the referendum can come later on.”

According to the governor, most of the brains coming from Kenyan colleges are under-utilized, adding that the government should think of better ways to make good use of these untapped skills.

“We need to think strategically as a country to see to it that we bring in industries that can absorb our youth into meaningful employment” he said.

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