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Octopizzo’s sister reveals fresh details on the death of Kenneth Abom



A family is still in mourning  following the death of their late son Kenneth Abom, who died on Saturday after jumping from the 4th floor of their Woodley apartment. This was an hour after he was in a fight with rapper Octopizzo.

The ‘Oliel’ hit maker has been accused of allegedly being involved in the death of the young man, who was an IT student a Strathmore University.

As the rapper denies involvement in the death of Kenneth last week, his sister has baffled relatives with “contradictory” statements. The rapper claims the boy broke into his house.

Kenneth’s big brother Antony told KISS100 yesterday:

Octopizzo’s sister is giving two contradicting stories. She is saying she let Kenneth in and in another statement, she says he knocked the door and pushed her in.

Octopizzo/ Instagram

An hour later, the brother said Kenneth came back running and bleeding from the head. Neighbors claim they heard number nane’s finest threaten the student’s life while wielding a panga. Anthony said:

That is when he ran for his life and locked himself in the bathroom, and an hour later jumped off the 4th floor and sustained injuries. By the time he came back into the house, he was disoriented and even talking to himself. Octopizzo was again seen by neighbors carrying a panga and threatened to use it on Kenneth.

The family of Kenneth is trying to find out if the two knew each other because they can no longer depend on Octopizzo’s sister. Kenneth was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital and seemed to be recovering but succumbed on Saturday noon.

On reaching out to him, the brother said he seems not to be cooperating with them. “Octopizzo is turning out to be arrogant and rude,” Antony said.

On Saturday I went to the hospital and requested to get the explanation from Octopizzo but he did not want to do it freely. We have even reached out to his management but he is arrogant, saying that Ken stormed into his house.

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The family is still waiting for the autopsy report to decide if they will sue the rapper.