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‘Only God will and can judge,’ Ephy Saint explodes



Ephy Saint has come out to set the record straight on the ongoing drama with one of his baby mamas, Chantelle.

In an interview with, he narrated how he paid hospital bills for Chantelle when she gave birth.

He also addressed allegations that he was a liar.

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He said;

I am the liar huh … so there was a paybill number and a story so well told very emotional that SainTv edited.

The goal was to raise 2M. Then why is there a 185k bill at Coptic still not paid for?

After giving birth, Chantelle developed fistula and she underwent surgery after raising money on social media.

Why is it that the only money her family paid was 120k, and she got out of the hospital? ? (Coptic) and lied that she cleared the whole bill…Go to the vlogs its there.

Why is it that her 4th surgery with doc K was only around 400k give or take…this is before NHIF deductions. (Yes caused NHIF covers surgical procedures regardless of the hospital if the hospital sends an official request )

He added;

Why is it the nurse was paid 3k a day for a month before the 4th surgery amounting to around 90k. After the RE-CORRECTION surgery they claim she needed nursing care for 3 months.

He went ahead to say that people should stop judging because only God can.

Only God will and can judge …I can assure you that money will be over if it’s not already and you will see them, they who claimed cut me off in children’s court starting more new drama.

Chantelle on the other hand, says maintaining her child’s medical condition is costly.


Ephy Saint insisted that;

women lie and men cheat. Y’all got the story backward but even that is not my place. And not my story to tell. I am no storyteller just facts.

When asked what he learnt from all this ‘expose’ he said;

Some people will come into your life just to teach you how to let Go.

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