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Pay me now, else I’ll neither train nor play – Nairobi News



The management team of Gor Mahia’s star striker Dennis Oliech has asked the management of the Kenyan Premier League club to stop taking its employees for granted, and to honour its contractual obligations.

Ken Oliech, who negotiated the deal that brought his younger brother Dennis Oliech to Gor, and Nixon Onywanda, Oliech’s agent who is also his brother, have also said that until the player’s dues are paid, he will neither show up for training nor play for the club.

Speaking exclusively to Nation Sport on Monday, Oliech’s representatives, who are also his brothers, said that the club had failed to honour their part of the contract since December. They said Oliech believed he was being taken for a ride.


“Oliech really wanted to be involved in the (Confederation Cup) game (against Hussein Dey), but we felt that he shouldn’t because the club is not appreciating his efforts.

“It will shock you that since he signed for the club in December, Oliech has not received even a shilling of his negotiated sign-on fee and yet he has been playing all that time,” Ken said.

He further said: “I was present during the negotiations and Oliech initially wanted to play for Gor Mahia for free as a free agent, so that he draws no salary from the club but only allowances. They refused this offer and said they had to sign him first. When Oliech signed, we agreed on a sign-on fee that was to be paid in instalments. But three months later, not even the first batch has been remitted. And when we ask about it the officials keep taking us round in circles. Is that fair?”

The sign-on fee negotiated is Sh3 million, according to Ken.

“Let it be clear that Oliech is not complaining about the salary delay. When we were signing, we knew that salaries can delay but why shouldn’t they pay his sign on fee as agreed yet they have the money,” he posed?


“That secretariat is also very deeply divided and I will not shy off from telling them that what they are doing is wrong. Some officials are telling Oliech to play, and some are telling him not to play because there is money and they are withholding it from him deliberately. What level of unprofessionalism is that?”

A visibly agitated Ken continued: “They refused to let Oliech play for Gor as a free agent and insisted on his signature. Now Oliech is tied at Gor, and the club is refusing to pay his dues yet when a deal comes through, the club stands to benefit. Is that right?”

Oliech, 34, signed for K’Ogalo at the beginning of the year and his return to competitive football was widely acclaimed by his followers.

The striker, who scored a goal for K’Ogalo against Egypt’s Zamalek three weeks ago, in their opening Confederation Cup Group “D” match, however raised concerns among his fans when he missed training for Sunday’s match against NA Hussein Dey of Algeria.


“The issue of Oliech is really very simple. We shall pay him on March 1 as per our agreement. The agreement was to pay him in instalments and take it from me, we shall do so before the end of this month. The other instalment is due at the beginning of next season so there is really no issue,” said club chairman Ambose Rachier.

But Oliech’s management said: “They are messing up the club. And Oliech is speaking for the voiceless. If they can treat Oliech with such indifference, what about the other players who are too shy to speak up?” Gor resume training today.