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Police Shoot UK based innocent University Student in Kibera,



A student at the University of Leeds in England was gunned down at Line Saba estate in Kibra, Nairobi county with police claiming he was part of a group of thugs who were terrorizing area residents. Carilton David Maina, 23, met his untimely death while on his way back home after watching a football match at a nearby movie shop.

Facebook user Collins Onyango said Carilton had scored an A plain from Maseno School which saw him get a scholarship through Brookhouse to pursue his dreams in the UK being a lover of football and a soccer player. The brilliant man was pursuing a course in electronic and communication engineering at the University of Leeds. “Carliton had just come for the December holidays then go back to UK in January. If not for his life being ended by a bullet from a rogue police. Carilton had just come from watching a football match at the nearest movie shop, being a fanatic football fan and as a matter of fact a goalkeeper for his local side FC Interdjinamory from Kenyatta Hospital Estate,” said Onyango.

Kilimani police boss Michael Muchiri dismissed the reports saying the victim was among a group of thugs who had been terrorising the residents. ” The police received a call from the members of the public who said that they were being mugged by a group of youths. It is then that the police acted and shot one on the spot,” said Muchiri. He further said police recovered a homemade gun and a knife at the crime scene. Area residents launched a campaign to seek justice for the slain student.

Tough talking interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi must act and the National Police Oversight Board must act swiftly to bring to book the trigger happy police officers who terminatedtge life of this talented Kenyan who could have transformed lives of his poor family and friends in Kibera.

By Tuko News

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