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Raila is not your ‘rika’ don’t make jokes of baba you will be cursed, the gods will send you to political oblivion



This is a piece I have been dying to write for quite some time and finally, after a couple of days of reading some ridiculous inanity about Raila Odinga from someone who shall remain nameless, I am here.

I write this piece in support of RAO even as I reiterate that the “handshake” between the man and Uhuru Kenyatta remains one of RAO’s biggest mistake – a move that gave legitimacy to the most corrupt and incompetent leadership in Kenya’s history and while forever stain his reputation as a stalwart against corruption and incompetence.

Having said that, let me also point out that there is someone who wakes up everyday having dreamt about RAO!

The individual begins their day with RAO on their mind and goes to bed with RAO on their mind.

They fall asleep with the man on their mind; see the man in their dreams and come morning, wake up and begins the cycle all over again!

This individual’s life is consumed by someone old enough to be their grandfather!

“Odondore gi RAO” – Sorry but there are somethings best characterized in DhoLuo!

“Owalo about RAO!” – He rants and raves about RAO!

“Olawo RAO!” – He is obsessed with RAO!

The foregoing characterizations speak to this individual’s entire raison d’etre i.e. reason for existence:

RAO 24/7/365 – All RAO All the Time!

To Whom It May Concern:

“Raila ok mbas ni” – Raila is not your agemate!

For the record, I used to abhor the expression “Raila ok mbas na; ok mbas ni” i.e. “Raila is not my agemate; not your agemate”. The aberration was predicated on the truism that the respect and reverence usually accorded elders, especially in the African culture – has all been wiped out.


Because the country has been screwed over by Raila’s agemates – persons whose ages are within twenty years either way of the man’s age – of 73years i.e. fifty to ninety years old.

I am sorry, but the country’s adults have NOT been good stewards of the country thus deserve little, if any, respect.

Daniel Moi’s greed brought the country to its knees and normalized blatant theft and employment of those singularly unqualified.

Mwai Kibaki’s selfishness triggered the post-election violence of 2007/8; the country’s worst spate of violence in its history.

And setting the stage for a corrupt and selfish gerontocracy was none other than the tribal supremacist person – curiously referred to as “Mzee” i.e. old person – Jomo Kenyatta!

So no, Kenya’s old mostly men and the other supposedly “mature” adults have not earned nor do they deserve the reverence they’d usually be accorded; this because they are single-handedly responsible for the shithole that the country currently is.

Having said that, let me also say that if there is any old man who deserves any respect, deserves some latitude for the incompetence selfishness of Kenya’s elderly, I’d argue that tis RAO.

He has given this ungrateful more than he has taken from it – unlike many people I know.

The man is not my agemate nor is he this individual’s rika AND unlike many of his agemates, Kenya’s grandparents, RAO has acted his age while looking out for the future of the country and by extension, that of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

So let me repeat this message; one I know the intended recipient shall receive:

“Raila ok mbas ni…We dondori kode…..wek walo about him…..We ri kode.”

Aaaah….I feel much better now!

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