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Ringtone calls out fellow gospel artiste over Rose Muhando’s woes – Nairobi News



Controversial Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone has accused fellow gospel artiste Anastacia Mukabwa of using Tanzanian gospel musician Rose Muhando’s misery to make money.

Muhando is reportedly still admitted at Nairobi Hospital where she is receiving treatment for an unknown ailment with reports indicating that her health problems were caused by drug addiction.

Her drug addiction is also blamed for her dwindling music career.

Last week in an interview with Mseto Radio, Anastacia revealed that she is the one who went after Muhando in Dodoma, Tanzania after learning of her sad story.

According to Anastacia, she decided to help Muhando by bringing her to Nairobi for treatment.


However, Ringtone has alleged that Anastacia saw an opportunity to make money out of Muhando’s situation in the name of helping her out.

He has further claimed that there is a WhatsApp group which has been created specifically for swindling unsuspected Kenyans in the guise of raising funds to offset the hospital bills of the troubled Tanzanian artiste.

“Kuna wasanii Kenya wamefungua group na kuanza kuchangisha pesa eti wanamlipia Rose Muhando bill ya hospitali ya around 1 million shillings. Rose ako hospitali ipi, Rose anaugua nini? Mbona pesa zinatumwa kwa mtu binfasi?” he posed.


“Anasticia Mukabwa amekuwa akizunguka kwa media akitafuta umaarufu kuwa amemusaidia Rose. Sisi wote tunajua Anastacia Mukabwa ana matatizo ya hela na hatuwezi kumuamini kuchangisha mamilioni ya ili hali yeye mwenyewe hajawahi shika mamilioni,” Ringtone added.

He went on to state that he reported the matter to the police last month after Muhando’s exorcism video by Pastor James Ng’ang’a went viral.

He further claimed that after investigations, the police found out that the singer was under the care of an evangelist by the name Lumbasi who is also a police officer.