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‘Saitan! Go get a Huduma Namba’ Jalango chastises Joe Muchiri





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The deadline to get your Huduma Namba draws near and Comedian Jalango has joined other Kenyans who are in the middle of a last-minute rush to register.

The registration period for Huduma Namba ends on May 18 and as expected, Kenyans are rushing to beat the deadline. Many are being put off by the long queues witnessed in most registration centres in Nairobi.

As such, Jalango called out Joe Muchiri saying, “My brother if you are not taking Huduma Namba just don’t take it!”

“You don’t have to mention me! You say I have been paid to tell people to take it…Yes I have been paid! Very well! Because this is not just another page this is a media platform just like all radios and TV stations have been paid!”

Jalango continued the rant saying:

“There are a lot of things in this country [that are] worse, if this Huduma Namba will kill me, let it kill me! Bro, you don’t always have to drag everyone into your wars! So, which one will kill people first? The whisky you pour in people mouths in clubs or Huduma Namba?”

He concluded his rant with a succinct representation of what he thinks of the attack.

“Saitan! go take Huduma namba! Maybe you wanted to be noticed! There you go! ????.”

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Joe Muchiri responded to Jalango saying:

“Fanya kazi boss, Nairobi is expensive, we are not the same, I can’t be bought easily ??. No one mentioned you in bad light ?? I just said kuna part hamja ambia watu (there are aspects of it you have not revealed) on how people’s data can be used or manipulated.”


He continued, “Kwani lazima ikue vita kama hatu kubaliani? (Do we have to fight because we don’t agree on this matter?) the other day you were against Kenyan musicians saying they have no content and have bad music videos now you are supporting one wholeheartedly and playing their music.”

Joe Muchiri
Joe Muchiri

Joe took a dig at the Huduma Namba and at Jalango in one fell swoop.

He wrote, “Hata hii HUJUMA number mambo yake ita tokea in the future (Even this HUJUMA number, it’s intricacies will soon be unearthed). I am yet to be wrong on anything I have said, because I speak facts. Ninge taka kujulikana ninge leak sex tape ?? (If I wanted fame, I would leak my sex tape.”

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Kenyans responded to the post. Here are some of their comments.

akotheekenya: “Baby ichieo on which side of the bed.”

_choi_claude: 1.Kenya has no data protection law so how sure am I that my data is even safe.
2. The state has all my information and data so why not collect all the data and send me my #hudumanumber via text or something.
3. There was literally no public participation on this
4. By virtue of having a national ID that’s enough to get state services coz why else do we pay taxes for if not get the services. #MYTAKE ON #HUDUMANUMBER.

peter_miles254: ????let huduma number kill us.

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