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Shame after Betty Kyallo´s make-up artist does her injustice



TV beauty, Betty Kyallo graces the red carpet with a face looking messier and a body looking fuller.

Over the weekend, the beauty queen attended the Miss World Kenya Plus event at Garden City.

Her trademark, Flair by Betty beauty parlor had the honor of having the contestants look glamorous on the red carpet.

However, just like any other beauty present, she needed her make up done and done perfectly well but that never happened.

It was all hail for her beauty parlor team but a miss for her make up artist.

She graced the red carpet looking a tone lighter than her normal tone and fans could point it out at the first.

Sharing a series of photos she captions:

Friends make life even more enjoyable.

😍😍😍😍 It was such a vibe during the Miss World Kenya Plus over the weekend.

💃💃💃 Thanking God for the times we laughed.👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽May we have many more @gitaujudy@thesarahmwangi

In contrary, this was the response she got:

Too much make-up they destroyed your pretty face


My kafav achor😍 but mwenye alikupaka makeup asiwai kukuguza tena,see the nakepart 😥


Too much makeup


fire your makeup artist asap.🙄🙄dress is beautiful tho❤️


That dress is a killer for sure 💕 love you Betty and your work

but round hii make up artist didn’t do justice on your face ama ni flash ya camera? 🤷‍♂️


Ako ka makeup ni kabaya kwedaaaa…in tr wajikus voice

And for those who did not fail to notice that she has been adding some weight:

You are growing very fast, are we waiting??


Umenona round beautiful

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