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Shocking moment Iggy Azalea’s backup dancer suffers seizure on stage



One of Iggy Azalea’s backup dancers has suffered a seizure.

And fans on Twitter wasted no time in lambasting the Australian recording artist for continuing the performance despite seeing the individual on the ground.

The scary event happened while the dancer was on stage behind Iggy as she performed her song Black Widow in Brazil on Thursday.

The 28-year-old Fancy rapper initially didn’t notice the downed individual behind her.

But upon turning around and observing the woman, Iggy then turned back toward the crowd and requested that ‘somebody bring a medic up here.’

She then continued singing while the remaining still-upright backup dancer tended to the victim with the others.

The song continued for another 20 seconds until the music was finally halted so medical staff mount the stage.

Iggy Azalea/ Instagram

An ambulance then took the stricken individual away to hospital.

Following the incident, Iggy took to Instagram to reassure her fans that the dancer was in fact going to be alright.

‘Hey guys, Just want to let everyone asking know my dancer is OKAY! The lights & heart caused her to have a seizure,’ she explained, before stating that ‘She is backstage feeling much better.’

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