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Shun violence in reform push



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There are some disappointing signs on the national political front. The chaos that marred a public function in Murang’a County involving Deputy President William Ruto is one. It is not funny to see leaders, who should be role models, exchanging blows in public. It could just get worse as reason takes flight and the violence spreads.

It is, therefore, commendable that Dr Ruto strongly condemned the violence pitting supporters of his diehard allies against those of their rivals.

The next elections are over two years away and the emerging bitter rivalry could be a harbinger of worse things to come. This country cannot afford another round of bloody post-election violence, as happened in 2007/8. The leaders must restrain themselves and their supporters from violence instead of selling their policies and letting the people decide in 2022.

Politics is a competition where individuals or groups seek to gain an advantage over others through elections. However, it is becoming evident that the road ahead for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is going to be rather bumpy.

This is unfortunate as this very forum was meant to provide an opportunity to Kenyans to soberly reflect on how to solve the country’s political and socioeconomic woes.


At the core of the BBI is the search for solutions to the shortcomings that hamper the dream of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous nation.

The height of irony, though, is that two major antagonistic groups have emerged and yet the consensus is that the BBI is generally the way to go. Their only problem is how it should be run and by whom.

However, the rallies must be open forums where all those with something constructive to say are afforded the chance to freely do so.

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