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Story behind Nakuru school girls found in male teacher’s house – Weekly Citizen



Two school girls from Nakuru who went missing claim they had sex exploits with their teacher and another man he had invited in his house after their abduction.

Uhuru High School

The two were reportedly found in a male teacher’s house in Rhonda estate. The two minors are aged 14 and 15. The 15-year-girl is a student at Kenyatta Secondary School while the other one is enrolled at Uhuru Secondary School.
The duo recorded statements at Rhonda Police Station. One of them claims that she was lured by her friend to accompany her to her lover’s house where the act was allegedly committed.
The students who are in Form One and Two went missing after leaving their Rhonda house to go and attend a wedding at their church but they never set foot in the wedding ceremony.
The culprit is said to be untrained teacher who was in a science congress where the students were participating, a thing Kenyatta Secondary head teacher Amos Gamba has dismissed, claiming the school has only government teachers.
Others say that he is a former student at the school. One of the girl’s parents is bitter and wants action taken by the authorities.

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