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Teach nursery school kids in Kimeru, Kiraitu Murungi tells ECDE teachers



Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi has challenged ECDE teachers in the county that a good number of young children in the county do not know Kimeru language as they are not taught in nursery schools.

He said children in ECDE should be taught basic Kimeru language to be able to have roots and be able to relate with grandparents, parents and villages where they come from.

He said they will partner with Kenya Literature Bureau to do a book on basic Kimeru for nursery school kids.

“There are many stories like Kamankura, Kiundu and the feast, how Meru originated from Mboa which are basic Kimeru stories but our children do not know and can’t relate to them. They only know about about other people’s culture which they see on television,” Kiraitu said.

Governor Kiraitu Murungi said teachers in the county should be the foundation of education and should be taken seriously.

“for very many years ECDE was not recognized officially by government as an important component in structure of our education it was only recognized in 2010. Am so impressed that many teachers have now upgraded their education they now have diplomas and degrees but am urging them to have more education for instance you cannot teach ECDE class in America unless you have degree in child psychology,” Murungi said.

-Dennis Dibondo


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