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‘That lady looks like a community hoe’ Kenyans react to Chipukeezys new bae, Kibanja



After comedian Chipukeezy confirmed that his relationship with fiancée Vivian Kerubo, alias Empress Kerry was over, he seems to have moved on quite fast.

Investigations by KISS100 a few weeks ago proved that Chipukeezy has hooked up with a new bae named Kibanja, who has joined on baecations trips in the coast.


Chipukeezy had kept it under wraps but after the beans were spilled, he decided to make it official by posting her on his social media pages to make it known to all that she was now warming his bed.

Kenyans never lack something to say especially when it comes to love matters.

Chipukeezy was in a relationship with his ex, Empress Kerry for a pretty long time and even engaged her only for their relationship to end without a wedding.

Kenyans are not happy with his new bae, saying she is showing off her boobs, suggesting she is not wife material.

Chipukeezy & kibanja
Agnes Kibanja

Here are some of the comments:

Micheal: Good for the camera and private moments but not a wife

Caroe: Hehe. Huyo dame si ni mtoto? Kasichana! Gud jst fr fun though

Wausi: That lady looks like a community hoe…

Song: Hehe..matiti mengine bana Yana aibisha saana??????eeish..bikini tuachie the Kardashians

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Naomi: Me kerubo alikuwa fine fine material sasa hii ni nini tumeletewa nyonyo zenyewe zimebeat aaaah bure kabisa

Mesie: Waah, she was a little girl. The other day in church lol. Kiplenges daughter

Joy: Chipukeezy surely mtoto ameclear high school 2017 ??, anyway lemme stick to my lanes

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