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Top TV Girl Paulah Mumia Dumps Footballer star Dennis Oliech over cheating and money



From community husband to Man-whore, Kenya’s all-time top scorer Dennis Oliech, The Menace, made his football comeback in the local premier league, long-time girlfriend and TV personality Paulah Mumia, 25, dumped him on social media, accusing him of being unfaithful and selfish.

“Some men are very useless! You will take care of them when they are broke but when they get money they look for whores. I hate you!” she spat, adding: “Never even think about me ever! Go to hell manwhore! Other men are busy investing, you’re busy investing in women.”

The posts were pulled down shortly after but when contacted, “I can’t talk about anything to do with that guy (Oliech). I’m done. I’m now focusing on my life.” said Paulah

This came days after Oliech penned a two-year deal with Kenyan Premier League champions Gor Mahia.

His sign-on fee was reported to be Sh1.5 million plus a monthly salary of Sh350, 000. The public separation came as a shocker to those close to the couple, coming barely a month after the two went on a lavish holiday and spent in a bush lodge, littering social media with fun-?lled photos.

Admitting that they had a blast, Paulah says, “I respect what we had together. But I’m now focusing on my life and being around those who care more.”

Nonetheless, the K24 TV producer wishes Oliech the best in his football career because “he is a great man who will definitely not disappoint his fans on the pitch”.

“Despite everything, he is a great man with a marvellous heart. Sijui kama ni mashetani zinamsumbua; but he is a good man. Returning to football is a great idea to keep him busy and it’s something he likes doing. He won’t disappoint,”the Bungoma born girl said

The two met on social media when Oliech began chatting her up while he was playing in France. Since she was not a football fan, she says she had no clue who he was and kept on chatting with him late into the night until she said ‘yes’ online. They then met for the first time face-to-face in Kenya in 2014 and just clicked. “It is weird that he seduced me on Facebook and I didn’t know a thing about him. I didn’t even know he was a football star. I didn’t know he was a celeb. I didn’t even know which country he was in. He only told me he’s abroad. It was just love,”

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