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Traditional style rules your father used that you should ignore completely



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You’ve probably gotten some advice online, your father, grandfather, uncle or someone you look up. Today we re focusing on the advice you received on how not to make some certain mistakes when it comes to your style. Honestly, some of these rules given are a bit outdated. Here are eight style rules that you should definitely break.

1. Belts and shoes need to match

Love the matching belt and shoes combo -


When you wear a suit the colour and fabric of your belt need to match your shoe. While there is some truth to this in a formal setting. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your belt and shoe need to match to a tee. They don’t have to be the same shade. But when it comes to casual dressing you can go buck wild.

2. Your metals need to match

Apparently, if you have a gold ring you need to have a gold watch, chain or any other metal on you needs to be the same colour. You can get away wearing a different colour of metals on your outfit. This specific style rule you should ignore.

3. A suit is only to be worn in a formal setting

How to Wear Sneakers with a Suit -


Although you should wear a suit at a wedding or any other formal occasion. You don’t have to confine a suit to those specific occasions. You can dress down a suit. Some people even go as far as pairing a suit with a hoodie. These days you’ll see people wearing a suit with sneakers and they pull it off. Do yourself a favour start utilising your suit its capabilities are massive.

4. Your pants need to match your socks

Unless you’re in a work environment which strictly requires you to wear a suit all the time. Ignore this rule. Be playful with your socks. It’s a pretty good way to express your inner personality. You don’t have to confine yourself to one specific colour, play around.

5. Don’t wear a denim jacket with jeans

Don’t confine yourself to this rule. You can wear a denim jacket with jeans. Just make sure they aren’t of the same colour.

6. Overweight guys shouldn’t wear vertical lines

The idea behind this is somewhat reasonable. Vertical lines trick the eyes into making you look more wider. While there is some level of truth to this, it doesn’t mean wearing horizontal lines will make you look any leaner. So long as the garment fits you right and the colours work with your undertone go ahead and do it.

7. You only need one good scent

Like clothing, colognes are meant to be worn on different occasions. You should wear a different scent for different occasion. I know colognes can get expensive. You don’t have to go out and buy a tone of them. You can borrow one form your friend but make sure it’s ascent he wears scarcely.

8. When you go to work, you have to wear a suit

A while back every guy wore a suit to work. In today’s world that doesn’t really apply. It all depends on your workplace. If the dressing isn’t strict mess around, be bold.

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