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Uhuru and Mt Kenya region will Not Support DP Ruto in 2022- Hon David Murathe confirms



Statehouse operative and Jubilee vice chairman Hon David Murathe has leaked serious damaging information regarding DP Ruto’s candidature in 2022. Hon Murathe who is president Uhuru’s confidant told a gathering of Luyha leaders that Uhuru and Mt Kenya voters will not support DP Ruto in 2022. He called on the Luyha community to unite if they want to clinch presidency.

Hon Murathe revealed there was not MoU between Kikuyus and DP Ruto to support him in 2022 and if any verbal agreement was made between him and Uhuru then that is the business of citizen Uhuru Kenyatta and does not bind the Mt Kenya region.

Hon Murathe told the Luyha community not to be ‘hoodwinked’ into thinking President Uhuru Kenyatta will support Deputy President William Ruto in 2022.

” Let you not be deceived by the Tangatanga movement because both Ruto and Uhuru have served their full terms and should retire together,”
he said.

Murathe said Ruto should not ‘pretend’ to be speaking on behalf of Jubilee on matters of the referendum, saying there was a need to change the Constitution so that it can be more accommodating.

“We don’t want a Constitution where the winner takes it all; it’s always a recipe for post-election violence,” he said.

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