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Uhuru blocks Governor Isaack Ruto’s man on twitter as Miguna Miguna Protests bitterly



Controversial blogger Abel mutai popularly known as @itsmutai has been blocked by the head of state on twitter following his ongoing criticism directed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration .

Mr Mutai, an ardent supporter of the Jubilee government found himself on the wrong side, following his highly opinionated tweets on President Kenyatta’s leadership.

Following the block, Mutai vowed to engage a lawyer for a way forward.

Mutai got the backing of renowned lawyer Miguna Miguna who said, “Private individuals can block each other but anyone who occupies public office – legitimately or illegitimately – and Tweets as such does not have any legal basis or excuse to block a citizen of the country they (mis)govern.”

However, a senior adviser, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, Mohamed Weliye was reading from a different script, saying that that was the Presidents personal account, and not public account.

“But public servants have their private social media accounts in addition to the one that belongs to the office they hold. Trump has 2. Obama had 2. Is this the president’s personal account or is this the account of office of the president,” said Weliye.

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