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‘Ukimya wako unanipa tabu’ Wema Sepetu’s ex cries out, concerned about her well being



Wema Sepetu/ Instagram

Wema Sepetu might just be on a social media blackout after all the trouble it has caused her.

She has been arrested for posting sexual videos on social media something the new government of Tanzania is not joking about.

Wema at this point in her life just needs a friend’s shoulder she can cry on. Her ex Luis is proving to be exactly that after he took to social media to let Wema Sepetu and their followers that he is concerned about Wema.

Luis publicly declared that he still has love for her despite the fact that they are no longer together and wants nothing but the best for her. In fact, that is his daily prayer.

Unapokuwa na mahusiano na mtu basi siku zote mtaendelea kuwa na mawasiliano hata kama mkiachana.Hata kama hatuko pamoja ila ninakujali na ni matumaini yangu uko salama maana siku zote huwa nakuwazia mema na kutaka ufurahi!

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According to his post, she has not been communicating with Luis like they always do. For the two, being an ex has never been a concern when it comes to communication. He is now concerned about Wema’s well being and is seeking answers as to where she could be because of abnormal silence.

Ukimya wako unanipa tabu. Ninachotaka kujua ni kwamba uko salama. @wemasepetu Uko wapi? Kwa nini haujibu msg zangu Whatsapp & DMs? @martinkadindaofficial kuna nini kinaendelea?

Wema Sepetu/ Instagram

Luis was Wema Sepetu’s ex right before Idris Sultan.

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