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Vera Sidika, Willy Paul song reactions, Esther Passaris, Awinja



Keeping up with the latest celebrity news much like other people love technology trends is fine, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. As a harmless diversion, we all can’t get enough of hearing about the gritty relationship, lifestyle, career, makeup, and breakup details of our favourite celebrities.

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There was a lot of trending celebrity news out there this week which ranged from their careers and private lives. However, the major entertainment news stories revolved around Vera Sidika colour change and a new song, Fena Gitu sexuality, Esther Passaris, and much more. This write-up is a compilation of these latest celeb news stories.

1. Vera Sidika releases a new song and reverts to her dark skin

Socialite Vera Sidika on Monday grabbed the attention of many netizens single-handedly. She had returned to her dark skin, and her photos went viral on all the social media platforms.

In one of the pictures she shared on her Instagram page, the bootylicious Luhya babe looked very different from the normal mzungu complexion we know.

Never be defined by your past… it was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back!!! Black don’t crack #Blacktoblack #missedmymelanin #Stillbeautiful #blackbabbie, she captioned the picture.

Many of her fans were not convinced that Vera had changed her colour as they claimed she used an airbrush, editing apps, and face tuners. Others cited that the socialite used chemical products that produce a turning effect.

One of her fans commented on the photo saying that she had finally decided to change her colour because she was ready to settle down and get kids.

Tunajua unataka kuzaa sasa, na atatola na colour original…, he joked.

In response to the troll, Sidika who spent millions of money in lightening her skin said:

What’s wrong in that? Yes nataka kuzaa and yes atatoka original.

Before this online heat settled down, she unleashed her new song dubbed Mimi. Posted on Friday, the song now has nearly over 250,000 views. It also has favourable reviews on its melody, video quality, and production.

Logic can get you from point A to B. Imagination can get you everywhere. Mimi is my new single depicting the essence of audacity in life, she wrote on the YouTube description area.

In the song, the Nalia singer urges people to stop discriminating others based on their skin colour.

My skin doesn’t tell me who I am. My color don’t tell me where am from. Money don’t care, black or white bado utahusle changamoto kibao, haters ndo hao call it a struggle. Maneno, maneno kila kukicha maneno, I wish you would understand sote kwa mwenyezi tuko sawa cheupe cheusi (ni kwa kupenda,) kubadili madini (ni kwa kupenda), kutenda mema (ni kwa kupenda), an extract of the new song reads.

Vera also says that she will still be the same person we know while telling critics to take chill pills. As usual, the socialite’s fans reacted to the new music video. Most of the comments were positive. Below are the best reactions we came across:

Nice move. I actually really like it, actress Catherine Kamau wrote.

Make your money, girl. She knows how to keep her name on people’s mind. No University can teach you such marketing it’s something that people are born with, and this girl has done her homework. Kenyans love gossiping she is capitalizing on that. Get that paper girl proud of you, Mr. Gilbert Monk said.

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2. Fena Gitu blasts Kenyans over sexual trolls

For the whole of last week, Fena Gitu has been on the Kenya celeb news headlines. This was after a photo of her wishing Niyati a happy birthday went viral, leaving unanswered questions in the minds of fans concerning their relationship status.

Musician Fena shared a photo of her and Niyati Patel, the co-founder of Marini Naturals. The picture was followed by a charming birthday message that made Kenyans restless.

Whether we are running for our lives, or towards our destinies, we’ll do it side by side Niyati Patel10. Through thick and thin, you have been loyal, kind, and true. Always there to call out my stupid ideas and pat my back on the great ones. All the inappropriate jokes that only we can handle, all the fun, adventure, laughter, tears, deep wisdom, your random facts about sh*t, your calm and gentle soul, the Kaende Crooner wrote.

Fena added on and wished Niyati Patel a happy birthday while describing how she is a blessing to her.

Niyati was among the first people to comment on the post. She wrote the following:

Babbbbyyyyyyyy… The part of Random Facts nearly made me cry. You noticed my random facts. Hahahahah…. Thank you for such a beautiful message. Your love, support, friendships are soooo appreciated. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Absolutely NO ONE can replace you!

Kenyans who saw this post couldn’t keep calm. Most of them accused her of not being straight. Below are some of the troll comments the post received

Naona leo umeamua kutuonyesha manzi yako. Amezoza lkn, an Instagram user wrote.

Kenyans have just forgotten how to mind their business. The sit and wait for people’s stories just to show their prowess in mediocrity. So sad, asserted Ms. Sayoni.

The songstress had enough of these trolls and took time to respond to each comment from her haters. Fena stated that she was baffled by Kenyans’ mediocrity, adding that she didn’t know why they behaved the way they did.

I am actually baffled by the mediocrity levels. Ama ni unemployment? Boredom? I don’t know, she pointed out.

Nonetheless, not everyone was impressed by how she was bashed. Some celebs like Bien and Chimano came to her defense.

8-44 is such a waste. We vote for Waititu and then we want to control someone’s right to love. Damn!!!! Bien defended her.

Mtu asikuambie kitu. You are greater than mediocrity, Sauti Sol’s Chimano added.

3. Capital FM’s Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi fight on air

A vicious war of words ensued between Capital FM’s Amina Abdi and Fareed Khimani during their Friday morning show.

Amina was angry after she found out that Fareed was earning more salary than her even though she has been on the station the longest.

On the other hand, Fareed argued that he has more experience in radio broadcasting than Amina and so he deserved the fatter payslip, which he negotiated based on his skills.

During this heated argument, he swore to walk out if Amina didn’t fall back citing that it was not a must for them to work together.

Angry Amina didn’t let go of her argument. She called Fareed an idiot adding that the radio station would continue without him.

Si you leave, we are not going to die without you. Idiot! she snarled.

The Trend hostess was then heard asking the DJ to continue playing music.

However, a source working at Capital FM revealed that this drama was staged to entertain listeners. The station’s morning fans took to Twitter after the incident. Some noted that it could have been a hoax while others were just amazed by the drama.

The fight between Fareed and Amina is a set up so that you can listen to the morning show, Lazooj said.

I remember when Fareed came back 2months ago and Amina Abdi showered him with praises,that working with him is a dream come true,now they’re beefing? Smh…Let the two get sacked,Capital FM is bigger than you, Cornelius Rope opined

If it’s true the spat was overpay, the pay gap between Fareed and Amina is surely not because of gender. We can’t ignore the years of experience, Belinda Von Belie interjected.

I am not surprised about that Fareed Kimani and Amina story. I wondered what idiot paired the two. Zero chemistry and they are two different people from 2 different worlds with different tastes in music. Fareed thrives while working alone, remember The Rude Awakening? Myke Mwendwa stated.

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4. Former Papa Shirandula actress Awinja opens up on her struggle with manly jawlines

Actress Awinja Nyamwalo whose real name is Jacky Vile has come out to open up about her battle with body image.

The former Papa Shirandula actress said that she has been struggling with her jawline, which is perfectly chiseled according to standards of Hollywood. To many, her jawline type is considered to be an essential feature for subtle looks.

Speaking on her Instagram page, Awinja narrated how her jaws are an insecurity that she has dealt with for the longest time. From being called ugly to her jawline being compared to that of American rapper Kanye West, the actress has heard it all.

So wacheni niwapatie ka story, you would never have seen a close up picture of myself because I was always told ‘Uko na jaws mbaya! Jaws za wababa, jaws zinakaa mbao imechongwa, jaws za Kanye West, jaws za mtu hajakula miezi kadhaa, jaws ugly!!! Etc etc, she stated.

Out of this, the Qwetu Radio presenter developed some tactics in ensuring that her jaws remained inconspicuous.

I would only show a close up on video since I knew how to maneuver and hide them, I would always have long braids/wigs to hide, some makeup artist used to tell me ‘you have a beautiful jawline’ I used to ignore because I thought ni chocha tu to make me feel good, Awinja added.

After a long period, she finally embraced her unique feature, and currently she is flaunting it with a lot of pride.

I later realized this is something I cannot change, and therefore I chose to embrace them, by donning short hair or show them more. Clearly people may make you hate some part of yourself so you grow up knowing, your forehead is ugly or Arms or legs etc, she explained.

Jacky Vike concluded by urging her fans not to listen to every flaw comment they get from other people.

What I can say is, do not allow those comments to get to you because they will be affecting you as you carry them, so here I am accepting each and every “Flaw” Pole pole #wcw, she added.

5. Alaine unblocks Willy Pozee, responds to his laments

Willy Paul first hit the celeb news in Kenya headlines on Wednesday when he requested his fans to help him deliver a message to Alaine who had blocked him.

Willy started by explaining how meeting her was the best thing before revealing that Alaine was in the country last month but didn’t bother to look for him.

Alaine, we were so good together dear, to be honest meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true…when u see a man admitting to such, that’ means something big. You came to Kenya the other day and didn’t bother looking for me, I was forced to look for you. What happened after that?? You blocked me….Mkunaji aforesaid.

The Fanya singer insinuated that Tanzanian singer Nandy could be the reason why the Jamaican singer was avoiding him.

Well, Alaine responded to his pleas in a post pointing out that they were never an item as it was all ‘about music.’

Willy, Willy, Willy… everything will be alright. It is all about the music, and specifically, all about God. Thanking Him for all His blessings, despite obstacles, despite enemies, in spite of ourselves. We know HE has a plan for us to prosper us and to give us a future with hope. We know how far He’s taken us and trust Him with the future. One thing is for sure. We have great musical chemistry….so… what do you think one more song? Let’s unblock some blessings, the songstress posted.

However, the Hallelujah singer wasn’t satisfied with this reply. Through a post on his Instagram page, Willy explained that her answer on music wasn’t what he needed to hear.

Thank you guys for helping me deliver my message to Alaine, she responded but not what I wanted to hear. But I’m glad I’ve been unblocked and we are now good. Thank you. Ameileta tena side ya mzikii sana manze badala ya ile mambo ya mkunaji.. anyway, it’s all good.. would you love to see us do another one? He stated.

6. Nairobi Women Rep. Esther Passaris faces backlash on Twitter

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris faced backlash on social media after she went down on a Twitter meltdown.

Passaris fiercely took on tweeps who had opposed MPs higher allowances. She dropped her diplomatic demeanor and exchanged words with other Twitter users.

The Women Rep blamed Kenyans for their high dependency on leaders to settle some of their problems while trying to explain why allowance increase was necessary.

We represent citizens who look to leaders for their expenses from rent, medical, funerals, school fees, food, etc. Leaders in other countries are not expected to settle constituents’ bills. When we move from dependency to independency (sp) we can reduce our wages, Passaris tweeted.

However, most of the Twitter users were against the idea. Gathara cited that the move would further burden poor taxpayers.

How exactly is it “empathetic” to fleece the very taxpayers you claim to lead? To collect immoral and illegal allowances taken from the pockets of the very poorest under the guise of looking out for them? What exactly are you learning from this? Gathara wanted to know.

In response, Passaris stated that she couldn’t say no to extra cash as she would use it to help cases brought to her by Nairobi residents.

Do you live in Nairobi? This requires a one on one for you to get a grasp of the needy issues that politics and politicking cannot resolve in the short run. We have a long way to go. I can’t say no to extra cash to help the many ‘cases’ that the ‘system’ neglects by design, the Women Rep. said.

MPs have been fighting for higher allowances in a move dubbed Domestic Subsistence Facilitation. According to the scheme, each MP will be entitled to between Ksh. 18,200 and Ksh. 24,000 per night.

This comes after they awarded themselves extra Ksh. 250,000 in house allowance, a move which was termed as illegal by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

There you have it. The latest celebrity news in Kenya. Keep your eyes open for the next episode of the same.

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