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Video: My cousin whom I trusted and looked up to sodomised me, left me broken



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A total of 408 sexual violence incidents against children below five years were reported in Nairobi in 2016, according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) data. A lot of people are going through depression, low self-esteem and some even contemplating suicide after going through rape ordeals. In Kenya cases of suicide are on the rise and a good number of these cases are either because one has gone through rape or other forms of sexual violence.

In an exclusive interview with Standard Digital, Steve, not his real name, speaks of a horrendous childhood experience when a male cousin that he trusted, loved and looked up to accosted him while his parents were away during a family get together and molested him.

Steve at that time was only 8-years-old, naïve, innocent and gullible. However, the cousin, who was much older, had stayed in the city for long and probably for this reason Steve looked up to him and trusted him.

The cousin, seemingly not ashamed of the first rape encounter, went for another attempt. However, this time, Steve did everything to make sure they never shared a room henceforth.

When asked if he has ever reported the matter to the police, a dejected Steve clarifies that currently the cousin has amassed wealth and reputation, and he is a ‘big boy’ in the city. Furthermore, there is no evidence to prosecute the case as he never reported the incident when it happened.

Steve admits he has struggled with the urge to seeking revenge, but has somehow managed to overcome such trying moments.

Following his ordeal, Steve has grown to abhor men who talk about rape in a condescending manner.  He takes a swipe at men who assume that it is their right to have their way with women; he further adds that most men believe that they are destined to have women, which is wrong.

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All said and done, Steve has chosen to forgive his attacker. He believes that for him to move on in life then he must forgive and forget.

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