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Vivian: Njagua is a very interesting mentor but we have never dated 



Singer Vivian has come out to speak on how important Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar has been on her career.

Taking to social media, Vivian said that while many think the two actually dated five years ago, Jaguar was only her mentor and ensured that she makes her name in the entertainment industry.

“This is me alongside Mhesh Charles Njagua as many of you may know him. This picture was taken about 5 yrs ago on set for one of my best singles #womaninlove . He was more @jaguarkenya then. He had come to show his support on set and my long standing producer @philipmakanda took this picture of us. There were many rumors of us dating but nope that’s never happened hehehe,” read part of her post.

Be better

She went on to praise Jaguar saying that he is one the most interesting people she knows. Vivian, who is currently in the US, said that she spoke to Jaguar and would have preferred to he was there.

My point is he is one of the most interesting people I have ever known very hands on as a mentor. We spoke earlier today on WhatsApp about my US Tour and I told him I think he should come down here for us to perform #dream and #kioo together. He’s always checking on me and nudging me to always do better! I feel strongly I have tapped into some of his anointing which is pretty cool. I could be a mhesh in a couple of years too. He’s one of the people I’m giving thanks to for contributing immensely to my journey. Comment na makofi ya mhesh #appreciationpost #ViviInUSA,” she said.


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