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Vivian speaks about her baby daddy and s3x before marriage




Vivian was recently interviewed at our offices and had a lot to say.

One of the questions that intrigued us was how her daughter relates to her husband, Sam West.

The singer with Sam West

She answered that her daughter and Sam got along very well, saying,

Sam West is a fine young man. He is very mature…unless he has been pretending. He is very cool about it because at the end of the day it is about having a lot of open communication. He is chill about it. 

Vivian and daughter

She added that they have an honest and open relationship and praised Sam, saying that he wasn’t problematic, adding that Sam and her daughter got along well together.

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On the issue of s3x before marriage, she said that it is important to preserve yourself as a woman. Her reason is below,

As women, we become emotionally bonded to people very quickly. Imagine being emotionally bonded to a hundred people…Self-preservation is good.

Vivian and Sam West together

She also commended him for being a good husband who was supportive of her.

Asked hoe she gets along with the father of her daughter – whom she revealed to the public last year?

Vivian said:

I do communicate occasionally with him. 

Vivian and Sam West in Dubai
Vivian and Sam West in Dubai

She added that it was sporadic because it is mostly related to their daughter’s welfare because he (the father) had also moved on with his life.

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