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Vivian starts new trend of walking from Nairobi West to Nyayo House



Vivian got her fans talking after she revealed something in a recent interview that many people seem to disagree with.

During the interview, she revealed that she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo so as to save fare when she was starting her music career.

Some people thought she was exaggerating, while others made fun of the situation.

Vivian has come out to challenge anyone who doubted her story, to walk with her from Nyayo House to Nairobi West then to Karen.

Vivian/ Instagram

Word on the street is that she can’t walk for long distances. Let me prove you otherwise. Who wants to walk with me from Nyayo House to Nairobi West then to @moran_house in Karen?

Some people were up for it while some found an opportunity to make jokes.

Read some of the reactions from her fans;

Sabina: Tunasimama nrbwest kula nyama alafu ndio tuendelee??

Tito: I just walked from my sitting room to my bedroom barefoot. Aki Vivian you are so inspiring.

Baraza: So beautiful but i don’t think you can walk that long

Wangari: Walking from archives to kencom. Thanks Vivian for the motivation.

Stan: Mimi hapa, ready when you are ready

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