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While Hon Millie Odhiambo was away, Gladys Wanga danced her butt to 2022 ODM Homabay governor ticket



By Jerome Ogola via Facebook

We are in a long hoof eating safari, with Homa Bay as the flagging off point

If Gladys Wanga is to compete for anything within ODM, against Millie Odhiambo, Wanga will win. I say so because in such contests, proximity to Jakom is the keyword

From the closeness, I saw Wanga dance an old dance called waltz, with Jakom, Millie Odhiambo’s dream is dead on arrival. This is not to say that Wanga is a better candidate

Of course Milly is the deal. She has wrestled men in the ODM nominations, which has been nothing but violence and won three times. She has been baptized in fire. She is also close to Jakom, but here, Wanga is evidently closer

The goose that was her dream is cooked

I told Otuoma the same, that he won’t win any contest against Ojaamong, Raila’s SG in the now defunct NDP

Here, there is nothing like democracy. It is proximity to the party owner which matters. In a event that both contestants are far from Jakom, then the hotly contested tickets are hawked like mugombero the turbo charger in the streets of Kakamega, and sold to the highest bidder

The Mujahedeens of this party do not believe in criticism a factor which largely contributes to the thriving of this vice, in the party. This doesn’t in any way mean the other parties are clean

They too have lords who bend democracy to give way to their preferred candidates and Kabogo is a victim of the same

Away from this, across the frontier, seems sunset is fast approaching El Bashir’s tenure as Khartoum is uprising. Bashir, a career soldier and an ICC indictee seized power in a military coup in 1989

From Khartoum, we seek access DRC from it’s North Eastern frontier, via South Sudan, Africa’s last born nation which fought a decades long war, agitating for liberation from their Northern counterparts, but now that they’ve been granted that freedom, they do not know what to do with it

Many thought the country will learn from the numerous false starts of it’s elder siblings in the continent, and avoid the shortcomings that ocassioned their stagnated growth and take a path to prosperity, but that didn’t happen

They now turned the guns on each other. Once in DRC we will cut across it’s numerous forests and once we attain the waters of River Congo, locally known as “ebale ya zaire”, we can float westwards to Kinshasa

Of the river’s over 4000 kilometers, 2000 are navigable

Kinshasa and Brazaville, the capitals of DRC and Republic of Congo, sit on the banks of River Congo, opposite each other making them the two closest, capitals in the world and the biggest metropolis in Africa

Of course the Kongo tribe are found on both sides of the river and as Franco said in the song “congo mibale”, these are just one people separated by the colonialists boundaries, creating units to make imperialism very possible

If you intend to visit Brazaville from Kinshasa, all you have to do is swim across the river. DRC, despite having the word “democracy” as an acronym, has never known what democracy is all about. It has never had a peaceful transition or even a transition via elections

Lumumba was succeeded through an assassination. Kasavubu was overthrown by Mobutu who was later deposed by Kabila. Kabila was assassinated and that is how Rwandese Manamba Hypolite Kanambe became president

Kanambe hides behind a pseudonym Joseph Kabila

Sunset has come for this imposter’s tenure. In the two decades he has been in power, the only visible change he has brought to the country, is the growing and graying of his own goatie

There are uncertainties over the elections which are to happen on 30th, after being postponed several times. However, Kinshasa is not ready for another extension of his tenure, even through Shaddary, his proxy. A regime change is inevitable

We began this long safari in Homabay and Mululu, the home of Mudavadi is the ramp we are ending it. Apparently there is a vicious war within Jubilee, if Murathe’s revelations are anything to go by

In Swahili, this is called “vita vya wenyewe kwa wenyewe”. It’s giving us, we opposition apologists, some orgasm. The enemy is destroying himself

More hooves please

Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

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