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Why combat gear, bullet prove vest will get you in trouble one day as a Civilian



Meshack maina;
Good morning my dear kenyans.. i want to address the nation right now..!!
in my 5000 friends and 898 followers as at now, i know i have about 150 police officers and KDF soldiers in the list. some are my close friends and others are there yet to engage in private talks.. but i highly respect these people..

my address this morning is concerning these items you see in the photos below.. these are not fashions, they are called combat gear, and they are used legally by police, military and also illegally used by terrorists and other armed groups like mungiki and political rebels.. when used by a civilian they are a sign of war, they show conflict, somebody who is ready to engage in gun fight, they show violence, they show blood..

my fellow young men and women, avoid wearing these things, and am saying avoid! these things are not for you if you do not belong to police or military, they are no fashion.. these things are going to get you in trouble one day, they will get you killed one day.. and am very serious about this.. these things are going to get you killed..

look at these scenarios:

1. imagine you are in Dusit D2 with friends and terrorists just get in, they will spot you and they will conclude that this is a soldier and a soldier is our enemy, they will hunt you down to your death.

2. imagine you are on the streets and a crime happens, somebody blows up a hand grenade and everybody is running away, then cops spot you running in combat gear, what do you think is going to happen?? you will get a 7.62 mm caliber bullet from an AK47 and that combat gear will soak in your blood..

3. imagine you are walking home in the night from your usual hustles and you are in combat gear, then you meet up with criminals who are just from a robbery running away with guns, they will spot you, and to them you look like a cop in patrol and just like that you eat a 9 mm caliber bullet from a Glock 19 pistol.. you are done

4. you are as usual in your combat gear walking hime, cops are running after a gang of criminals who just shot and killed a person in a car robbery and one of them was in combat gear just like you, there is a crime in progress, gunfire is on, then in the confusion you start running away, what do you expect? a bullet from the thugs thinking you are a cop or better still a bullet from a cop thinking you are one of the criminals..

5. imagine you are on the streets at night walking as usual in your combat gear then criminals are trying to set up a robbery and just before they hit, there you are in your usual jungle gear acting tough as usual, what do you expect? you get a bullet or a knife in the neck..

6. finally, imagine you are travelling in a car, listening to music and in your car you have a combat jacket and then there is a road block by cops who are following a robbery that just happened and you have no idea it actually happened, then cops find you with something you cannot explain its work in your car, what do you expect? just like that you go to rot in jail

am saying again, avoid these things, i know a certain street in nairobi where you can get these just by turning your head, avoid them.. these things are not fashion, they are a death trap.. am done!

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